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16. Q:Is HTR PLA (High Temperature Resistant PLA) meet food and sanitation law or standard?
A:Yes,HTR PLA meet Europe EN14372,14350,FDA,Japan MHLW 336,JFSL 233, and Taiwan Food and Sanitation MOHW No.1021350146.
17. Q:What is your temperature resistance?
A:I, Houseware temperature resistance -20℃- +120℃.
II, Babyware temperature resistance -20℃- +110℃.Two Tone semi-clear.
18. Q:How to tell heat resistance?
A:I. Using the chopsticks for example: Just put in the boiled water for 40 seconds take out no bending is HTR PLA if bending or deformation is not heat resistance PLA.
II. While eating Hot Pot the chopstick can not pick up food which become Y shape is not heat resistance PLA.

19. Q:Is PLA products have the characteristic of anti-acid-base?
A:Yes, PLA is anti-acid and alkaline.
20. Q:What pigment used while printing?
A:We use pigment meet all international standard.
21. Q:What pigment used in colored products?
A:The color of our products meet international standard.
22. Q:Any additives while producing?
A:All our PLA products no additives such as Plasticizer,BPA,Melamine etc.It is Non-Toxic,Healthy, Eco-Friendly products. Please refer to all our certifications by SGS and Intertek.