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25. Q:Can PLA be used in Microwave?
A:Please note that normal PLA can not be used in Microwave. Only Simpla made PLA products can be used in microwave which means we have our unique formula to make HTR PLA only HTR PLA canbe used in microwave.
Please recognize the brand before your selection which is very important.
Please follow the microwave instructions while using microwaves.
26. Q:How to clean?
A:Always use soft towel or sponge to clean our products. Do not use utensil to scrape or rub the product.
27. Q:Can PLA put in Dishwashing Machine to clean?
A:Also please note that our HTR PLA can be put in dishwashing Machine to clean.
28. Q:What is the difference between Normal PLA with Simpla HTR PLA?
A:I. It is very easy to see the bottom of products. Simpla cornfield ® is our brand. All our products can be used in Microwave and Dishwashing Machine.And heat resistance is 100℃ up.
II. All our accessories use silicon material which heat resistance is 200℃ up. We never using TPR plastic material.
III.Simpla cornfield pay more attention to the feeling of end user, all our products from design to fashion always thinking for the end user.