Story of Brand

Given the environmental destruction and climate change which caused the greenhouse effect, Simpla understands that the only way that human beings survive on Earth relies on how human beings treat the Earth and coexist with it. We acknowledge that as we select right resources, we will not only benefit the planet, but also sustain human beings and improve life quality. We select renewable resources, such as compostable polylactide (PLA) as basic material and develop a series of products to replace petroleum-based plastics.

Simpla builds the brand of “新浦樂 玉米田 Simpla Cornfield”and sets non-toxic, healthy and eco-friendly as the purpose of the brand and makes the brand as the representative of non-toxic homeware in new quality life. In 2010, we got great impression and highly praised in Taipei International Flora Expo. After that, we become the major partners of many notable brands.

Not only does Simpla promotes the concept of eco-friendly via “新浦樂 玉米田 Simpla Cornfield”, we also strives for better functionalities and quality. All products passed SGS,Intertek test as non-toxic and no heavy-metal,No Plasticizer, BPA free products. Also, all products passed microwave test as temperature resistant between -20°C and 120°C, meanwhile, passed the durable test on 1-meter-height free fall without broken. The products have been proved as the best quality the field.

To enable people eating healthily and safely, and to bring about green and sustainable lifestyle.

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