Simpla's PLA Technology & Corporate Vision

Bring non-toxic homeware to everyone for a better life

PLA Technology

HTR-PLA Technology is more resistant to high temperature.

Non-toxic & Healthy

Our product is made from material extracted from the corn starch.

Real Eco-friendly

Our products are completely bio-decomposable, and renewable.


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Make the Healthy Choice with  PLA Dinnerware

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Win the World – Simpla toxic-free dinnerware receive accolade, and are now exported globally. Best toxic-free dinnerware in Taiwan .

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Simpla Biotech Co., Ltd Incorporated.
Participated in Taipei International Flora Expo.
Taipei World Design Expo.
SIMPLA stepped on the international stage and continued to shine.
Taiwan Excellence Awards
Awarded for Toddler Tableware COMBO set
Children Baby Maternity Expo Awards China
Awarded for Toddler Tableware COMBO set