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Louisiana ghost story

Her writing is amazing! In an era that pours out zombie or vampire stories du jour, it's refreshing to sit down and read an old-fashioned ghost story. Even if you're a non-believer you need to read this! 9 Most Haunted Places in Louisiana. She is a friendly ghost who makes objects move, walks around upstairs at night, and moves furniture around. Ok so I was 15 when I first went to The Myrtles I am 17 no Oct 23, 2011 · My Louisiana Ghost Story. Scroll down, click on name for ghost story, map & more. 8 Minute Read. The story varies as to whether it was an accident or suicide. This award-winning restaurant was featured in an episode of "Ghost Hunters" in 2011, during which time a door was videotaped moving on its own, black masses were spotted, and EVPs were captured. What to expect on your haunted tour? GHOST STORIES New Orleans Most Famous Murderess, Madame LaLaurie and her torture chamber, as depicted on the AMC Series American Horror Story. As I tossed and turned, I recalled the story my great-uncle told me about a ghost that haunted the marshlands. The Mortuary Haunted House is located inside a 140 year old Victorian Funeral Home surrounded by a real cemetery. Sep 13, 2019 · It’s a ghost story that’s been oft-told by writer Michael Imlay and the good folks at Creepy LA, but it bears seasonal repeating. Oct 11, 2017 · As with any good ghost story, the tale of Myrtles Plantation has its critics. Sep 23, 2018 · The Myrtles Plantation in St. Time Read the ghost story below Advertise. Francisville, Louisiana, holds the rather dubious record of hosting more ghostly phenomena than just about any other house in the country. Ghost Stories of Old New Orleans as a Source and a Model. 1K likes. From three corpses behind a fireplace in Natchez to a sword fight in Biloxi, these creepy tales will get Oct 25, 2016 · These 10 creepy Iowa ghost stories will give you goosebumps. Other stories include a young boy in Texas who makes an invisible friend, a child in mourning who gets one last visit with someone they love, a shadowy figure who watches Haunted Deep South is written by travel writer Cheré Coen, author of Haunted Lafayette, Louisiana by The History Press. Jul 10, 2017 · Home > Haunted Places > Louisiana Haunted Places. On the Smithsonian's list of the most haunted places in the world, the Myrtles Plantation is located in St. Light the campfire, pop up some corn, and get ready to have your spine tingled. The most notorious legends of the South’s spookiest specters – believe them, or not. GHOST HUNTS FROM AMERICAN HAUNTINGS Ghost Hunts. Ghost Stories of South Louisiana. Apr 17, 2016 · Louisiana may just be, the most haunted region of the United States, it certainly has more urban legends, monsters and haunted places then I could possibly write about in one article. Allard Flagg, and their mother in Murrells Inlet. Something to consider about the mansion on the banks of the Bayou Bourbeau is its stairway. This out of state traveler was on the side of the road, hitchhiking on a real dark night in the middle of a thunderstorm. . We’re open 7 days a week from 9am to 7pm. Each of these stories is spooky not only because it’s Bourbon Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana There is no better place to spend a romantic and relaxing weekend than in a French Quarter Hotel in New Orleans. It is believed to be haunted by slaves who once resided here. Francisville, Louisiana, United States. Ghost hunters looking for haunted trails in Bossier City across the Red River from Shreveport have to create their own. Hollenberg Pony Express. The series features ghost stories told from a person's own supposed experience with the supernatural. Some of you may have heard of it in the Ghost Diaries books and those are what had inspired me to go to The Myrtles. " The book, published last year, recounts the roller coaster history of Hot Wells — from the discovery of the mineral water to its heyday Steve and Amy investigate a Louisiana woman's claims that a vicious supernatural entity killed her father and is wreaking havoc on her family. With Santo Panzarella, Jared Fleming, Armand Petri, Cheryl Gautier. Dave, a dear friend and ardent supporter of the Myrtles Plantation, knew we would appreciate seeing this photo and learning the explanation behind it. From murders and tragic loss to evil and vengeful souls, Iowa definitely has a darker side this time of year. As treasure tales go, because they have been passed down through many years, certain elements of the lost treasure story may have been altered, either intentionally or otherwise. After police found methamphetamine “in plain view” on a nightstand in his home, a Louisiana man claimed that a ghost placed the narcotics in his residence, according to an arrest report The Scots have the will o’ the wisp and the Slavic people tell tales of ghost lights. Oct 22, 2018 · The Myrtles Plantation, St. We are one of the most haunted states in the union, and have had numerous TV shows and paranormal investigators check out our most haunted spots. calcasieuparish. The story of the Bye-Bye Man, as recounted by “historian of the strange” Robert Damon Schneck in the story The Bridge to Body Island , began in the town Discover New Orleans’ dark side on this two‐hour haunted history ghost tour. " Buy it today through the Red River Historian Press or at Amazon! And, I'll be adding more ghost towns soon in preparation for the second volume of the book! ‘Ghost Stories’: This British horror is smartly written and well-acted July 14, 2018 If you like horror films that are both weird and scary, check out 'Ghost Stories'. Louisiana is a state rich in history. E. At that time, Cajuns were decidedly second-class citizens, the word “Cajun” itself was considered an insult, and their unique culture was disparaged. My mother, sister and I have been on the ghost tours throughout NC and you can park at the railroad station and stay on the tracks and even see the light, its very eerie and thrilling. Alcatraz’s Hole Ghost Alcatraz is widely believed to be one of the most haunted TUPAC SHAKUR , WEST COAST RAPPER LEGENDARY HISTORY,HIS MURDER AND GHOST HAUNTING Lafittes Blacksmith Shop – New Orleans, LA Welcome to Chretien Point, the deep South’s most intriguing plantation mansion is just 14 miles north of Lafayette, Louisiana. We were never introduced properly – in fact,  Louisiana is a place of legend, especially in the deep, dark bayou. What inspired this reputation? And is there any truth to the claims of ghost sightings at Myrtles? Jun 25, 2016 · That thought turned into "Hot Wells: A Louisiana Ghost. Oct 28, 2015 · Louisiana law allows a ten-day period each year when citizens can drag derelict fishing gear from the water. You will learn Louisiana Haunted Hotels & Inns. Myrtles Plantation Bed and Breakfast Ghost Story. And the sundry stories they swap are as diverse as the ethnic and cultural groups which call the state home. "Oh, there are stories, but nobody's ever seen anything. So just to be fair, we are now reporting this version of the story. Francisville, Louisiana, a ghost named Chloe apparently haunts the Myrtles Plantation to this very day. Bob never doubted that he would try but felt it would never be out in the open, so that he was always on his guard. Please share your pics & stories of any haunted experiences. Lauren Cahn. . In New Orleans, explore the "cities of the dead" that are the historic above-ground cemeteries. Francisville, Louisiana. " Amazon. A small town with a few stories and a number of ghosts to back them up. A Turkish renter in the 1870s was rumored to keep a harem here, which he created by kidnapping women and torturing them into submission. Yet, some swamps have outdone themselves, and drawn to them legends and tales that propel them beyond merely creepy places into full blown epicenters of the paranormal and unexplained. > An Ohio businessman, Saul Rubins, abandoned his disabled vehicle on the side of the road, and attempted to hitchhike. As legend has it, a Ghost Stories of Louisiana [Dan Asfar] on Amazon. The Igbo were a tribe from what is today Nigeria, renowned for their particularly strong resistance to slavery. One famous New Orleans ghost story relates the tale of a young man who ended up on the wrong end of a Romeo catcher. This story allegedly happened near a small town in south Louisiana, and while it sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock tale, it’s true. It is often reported that 10 murders occurred in the house, but historical records only indicate the murder of William Winter. Yet what do we know about this mysterious mansion and why is it haunted? The Ghosts of the Louisiana Supreme Court Building. Overview of Louisiana Story, 1948, directed by Robert Flaherty, with Joseph Boudreaux, Lionel LeBlanc, Mrs. Little White Men in Kentucky. 30 Sep 2015 Note: This story was part of our 2015 Halloween series. ) Once host to endless elegant   22 Oct 2017 Houmas House in South Louisiana offers several ghost stories but there's more reasons to visit the exquisite River Road property  Travel Channel to Air Calcasieu Courthouse on “Ghost Stories www. PIRATES Hear the real story of Madame LaLaurie and the LaLaurie Mansion. Ghostly Theorosa Bridge in Valley Center. It’s the French Quarter you want to know, as only we can show it to you! Tours begin at 6 pm and 8 pm Nightly. The South’s bizarre history, obscure happenings, and inexplicable circumstances provide the perfect setting for these scary stories. During her walk, Amy encounters a vindictive dead man and a powerful entity that consumes personalities. He fits every description of the Comte above: Around 40 years of age with heavy money bags, the most fascinating of dinner guests, and still a complete mystery. The proliferation and popularity of walking tours that cast an all-seeing eye onto some of the most infamous haunted sites in the French Quarter and beyond tell the grisly tale. Louisiana Ghost Tours are often lead by experts, that can give you the history of the Haunt Site, as well as the legend and folklore of the ghosts who make their home. By Frank de Caro . New Orleans may be the most well-known, but it's not the only Louisiana city with reports of paranormal activity. There was one in particular with a desperate character who vowed that he would get his revenge some day. I will be closing The Logan Mansion website & Facebook page. Jan 10, 2005 · Here's a book review on M. Louis Cemetery # 1 has so many real ghost stories and legends  13 Sep 2019 Check out our 11 best scary ghost stories right here. Ghosts of Morgan City is a brand-new series that will be premiering on Travel Channel, June 21 at 9 p. A place of legend, the state is also a place of storytelling, and many of those stories grow like thick vines in the memories of locals and visitors alike. 1. In The Taxidermist’s Daughter, meanwhile, Kate Mosse blends a ghost story with a historical mystery. Rated #1 Carriage Tour by Trip Advisor and Yelp. Listen to The Ghost Story Guys episodes free, on demand. I enjoy reading any sort of cajun folklore, cajuns always have great stories and superstitions, there is no where else in the world like Louisiana. Not only does Manchac Swamp have direct ties to Rougarou, Cajun werwolves of legend, it’s also said to be haunted by the ghost of voodoo priestess Julia Brown, who used Louisiana Motels New Orleans French Quarter Fine Art Photography Although we at the Louisiana Trip Planner have done our best to obtain the most recent and accurate information, The Louisiana Trip Planner accepts no responsibility with regards to the accuracy of information in any of the maps or information provided here or the regulations therein. Bayou Ghost Story (2017) 73 min | Drama , Horror , Mystery A paranormal investigator travels to the South to research a series of deaths connected to a supernatural curse haunting an old Louisiana family. This story is Dave an attorney for the past 18 years tells a story about a family member who would leave the home he'd built even in the Redd's Revenge A Louisiana Ghost Story . But we’ll not let that fact get in the way of a good ghost story or two. These books are in fact true and available on kindle fire and nook. Louise Welch and Audrey Niffenegger, both of whom Visit even more ghost towns in Red River Historian Press' newest book, "Traveling History among the Ghosts: Abandoned Places along the Red River Valley. The story of Delphine LaLaurie and the heinous manner in which she tortured slaves is probably the most widely known of the French Quarter’s macabre tales. Pick your state to find treasures and ghost towns in your area. No Hype. Louisiana's historic cemeteries and graveyards preserve a glimpse of history. Collected and adapted by Craig Dominey. Find true horror and scary stories comes from all over world. Massachusetts. Home / Audio Short Stories / The Slave Girl of Myrtles Plantation: Louisiana Ghost Story Louisiana ghost story about the well documented hauntings at Myrtles Plantation. The story goes that a young woman was left alone by her parents as they went out for a night on the town, saying she was too ill to join them. com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Louisiana-Ghost-Story. Louisiana Ghost story Poetry. Louisiana is a state known for Mardi Gras and New Orleans. Oct 20, 2018 · Ghost stories and haunted properties in Mississippi will get you in the Halloween spirit. My Ghost Story is an American television series on the paranormal, which premiered on July 17, 2010 on the Biography Channel. Long story short, my husband is from Louisiana and left in April 2016 to be based out of Pearl Harbor, HI with the US Navy The secret meaning of ghost stories. com) - Mar 12, 2016 - Buzzing up-n-coming rapper Ghost Larose closes out the winter with his dynamic debut mixtape, “True Story”, which is now available for your listening pleasure. New Orleans, Louisiana A famous ghost story around these parts, the Sultan's Ghost is the tale of a grisly mass murder, and it took place in this 1836 house. Read and Write Short Scary Stories, Horror Stories, Real Ghost, Haunted, Thriller, Paranormal Stories and Supernatural Stories. Also, Billy was adamant that I not live here by myself. Francisville, Louisiana October 22, 2018 Bela Black 1 Comment Commonly known as one of America’s most haunted homes, the Myrtles Plantation started off as a working mansion during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Louisiana Ghost Stories: Tales of the Supernatural from the Bayou State [J. Locals say there is a reason behind the reported haunting. Louisianians love a good story. Bourbon Orleans has lots of stories to tell, most notably of which are the stories of the many ghost children that have been reported throughout the hotel. He doesn't do much to bother visitors — although sometimes It is a common story, the tale of Alice Flagg, but as one hears more details of this sad narrative, it becomes dazzling. New Orleans is a city with a rich and dark history. Comments about this paranormal experience. Ghost, Haunted Danger Zone,The Ten Most Haunted Places in New Oreans, Louisiana , by Gina Lanier, Ghost research, Ghostwriter Haunting, Paranormal, Ghost hunters, Investigators, EVP, Phenomenon, Ghost's, Haunted America Tours is dedicated to helping and educating those interested or troubled by the paranormal, for those Devoted to ghost hunting and researching haunted houses haunted cemeteries Jan 01, 2016 · A Ghost Story. “Bayou Ghost Story is an intriguing paranormal thriller that takes full advantage of its eerie Louisiana locations. With so much history and culture, it’s no wonder the ghost stories fly in Louisiana. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Arguably, the most haunted house in New Orleans the Lalaurie Mansion has surely endured the most gruesome history, and its reputation for otherworldly visitations is well-deserved and well-documented. So I settled beside a fallen log to rest until daylight. The Danes and others chase those lights knowing there is a treasure buried beneath it. From National Geographic Traveler "No, it's not haunted," the housekeeper reassured me. A paranormal investigator travels to the South to research a series of deaths connected to a supernatural curse haunting an old Louisiana family. The following comments are submitted by users of this site and are not official positions by yourghoststories. Nov 24, 2013 · over 5 years ago Moronic Ghost Hunters Burn Historic Louisiana Plantation to the Ground EricCole What a bunch of sad sorry excuse for ghost hunters n human beings destroyin history should be ashamed. Sep 13, 2019 · In Eureka Springs, Arkansas, there's a property called the Crescent Hotel that's allegedly haunted by a number of ghosts. You can spend hours exploring this historic columned home built in 1831 and set on 20 secluded acres on the banks of the Bayou Bourbeaux. In Louisiana, disbelief in ghosts is not an option. 13, 2019. The St. A Virginia Ghosts forum points to local newspaper reporting of William Winters' death, for example: the impact of a single shotgun blast killed him instantly, it claims, effectively negating any logic behind reports of hearing Winter's fateful footsteps on the stairs. Theorosa Bridge in Valley Center. Book a stay in one of the most haunted hotels in Louisiana! Read our There are stories that there are ghosts living in all of the floors of Le Pavillon. com. Step into the haunted plantations. Though it’s often considered the nation’s most haunted city, New Orleans is not the only place in Louisiana to witness paranormal activity. we at Ghost City Tours have it on good authority from the Archivist of the Archdiocese of New Orleans that there is nothing on the third floor of the Old Ursuline Convent besides archival records and other storage items. This guy was on the side of the road hitch-hiking on a very dark night in the middle of a storm. This video explains the process in detail and provides a few example calculations for various situations. The Gloucester Leagers. Read 8 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The Myrtles Plantation is located 26 miles north of Baton Rouge and 98 miles north west New Orleans via interstate roads. com: Louisiana Ghost Stories: Tales of the Supernatural from the Bayou State eBook: J. The hole is the cellar that a house once rested on. A time of vast cotton fields worked by African slaves, extremely wealthy plantation owners and a Civil War that devastated the South. As they attempt to contact the spirit, they discover the plantation was seized by Union forces before the Battle of Irish Bend. May 25, 2010 · Voorhies’ book, entitled Acadian Reminiscences: The True Story of Evangeline, was a huge hit in Southern Louisiana, says Brasseaux. Francisville, Louisiana; "Tabitha's Ghost" - (private residence), San Diego, California; "Civil War Ghosts" - Gettysburg Battlefield, Gettysburg  The Myrtles Plantation is a historic home and former antebellum plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana: It's said the hauntings began with Chloe who was a slave punished for eavesdropping on the family. Since my husband died last year, I cannot keep up with the maintenance. The act of defiance that gave Ebo Landing its name has been memorialized in everything from TV to a Nobel Prize winning novel, Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon . 17 Haunted Places in Louisiana You Need to See for Yourself Experience the legends and history of haunted Louisiana. The Ghost of White Woman Creek. On this episode we dive into a whole new batch of listener stories including what may be the most haunted house we've ever heard of, and those spirits are NOT happy. 8 Of The Spookiest Ghosts In Louisiana. Facilitator Karen Kaprowski-Stout will delve into how  29 Sep 2012 Ghosts of Louisiana Paranormal Society: Brent Soileau and his team GOLAPS will be featured on the TV show “My Ghost Story” this fall. Myrtles Plantation – A Most Haunted Place. Submit your paranormal experience! 18 Oct 2017 Louisiana's Haunted History: 7 Places to Meet Ghosts much of the inspiration for Kathy Bate's character in “American Horror Story: Coven. Louisiana is Southern ghost stories, folktales, myths and legends. The hosts of the show believed this evidence pointed to an intelligent haunting. " It's available on Kindle. Please read our guidelines and the previous posts before posting. Many believe that the city is among the most haunted in the United States. Here’s an urban legend that can be backed up by almost any LSU alumni or student. It is also known as being home to many voodoo practitioners, the French Quarter, plantations, brilliant architecture, swamps and more. Apr 16, 2017 · Louisiana-Set Paranormal Mystery Bayou Ghost Story Debuts 4/18 on Amazon Prime and Vimeo On Demand. Maybe a trip to the Myrtles or a ghost in your house? We would love it hear about it! The TV show Ghost Hunters filmed on location there in August 2008. Louisiana Ghost Story (True Story) THAT WAS THE SCARIEST STORY THAT I HAVE EVER HEARD! STRANGE THINGS HAPPEN IN THOSE SWAMPS OF LOUISIANA. Watch for a new Logan Mansion website & Facebook page. For her revenge, she baked a poisoned birthday cake. Written and directed by Louisiana resident Armand Petri; Bayou Ghost Story is also available to Amazon Prime subscribers in the US, UK, DE & JP. Ruddock was located on an isthmus between Lake Maurepas and Lake Pontchartrain, 10 miles (16 km) north-northeast of LaPlace. If you’re in for a real scare, going on a Louisiana Ghost Tour of a true haunt is where you’ll find it this Halloween. Madame LaLaurie, a respected socialite, hosted many a grand event at her opulent home 1140 Royal Street. Your Ghost and Vampire walking tours are guided by Master Storytellers who are fully licensed by the City of New Orleans. Jun 06, 2019 · Fast forward to New Orleans, Louisiana, and there appears a man by the name of Jacques Saint Germain in the early 20th century. She is referred to as "The Ghost Girl" of The Myrtles Plantation. Jeanne deLavigne's book Ghost Stories of Old New Orleans was published in 1946 by Rinehart and Company. Hear about voodoo and gris gris. From 2016: Local ghost hunters brave the unknown. Tell students a ghost story, either Greg’s Ghost Story, a story you know, or one chosen from the stories available at the Websites listed in the Resources section. The mysteries and legends that surround Louisiana’s infamous Manchac Swamp are deeply rooted in its past, making the dense forest one of the state’s most famous haunts. At Houmas House, you can tour the grounds, stay in the inn, enjoy Louisiana cuisine, and host one-of-a-kind weddings and events. These listings and historical vignettes of ghost towns, near-ghost towns and other historical sites in LOUISIANA above are for informational purposes only, and should NOT be construed to grant permission to trespass, metal detect, relic or treasure hunt at any of the listed sites. It's no wonder between  26 Oct 2016 And some say that we've got 'em here in Southwest Louisiana. Unlinked states will be added soon, so Check back often! Do you know of other ghost towns or treasure stories? Our Ghost For many decades the city of New Orleans has embraced a reputation of refuge for the lost souls wandering the streets of the French Quarter. ” In almost the same place, in front of the church, “There was a lady that got killed years ago, at least in the 50s or 60s. Hear tales of famous hauntings from your local guide, and visit the French Quarter’s most infamous and eerie locations. The Ghost of The Real Story Behind the LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans' Most Haunted Home. 3 miles from Lake Charles, LA. Lee Wimberly] on Amazon. Ghost pots are a problem in Louisiana, too, said Lively, “but (we’re) trying to look at what a practical solution is and working with the fishermen to figure out what’s something that we can Haunted Trails in Shreveport, Louisiana. Searching for the old settlements is both fun and rewarding. In two sessions — 2012 and 2013 — volunteers recovered a total of 3,607 ghost crab The Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program uses a formula based on economy-grade materials which incorporates the cost of completed repairs, remaining repairs, and duplication of benefits to calculate your grant award. As a free woman of color, Marie Catherine Laveau was born in New Orleans on September 10, 1801. Known for its nine known haunted residents and the disturbing 100 year old ghost stories, we invite you to take a tour through this three story magnificent mansion at the very dead end of Canal Street. On the  The Legend (and Truth) of the Voodoo Priestess Who Haunts a Louisiana Swamp The legend of Julia Brown has become the area's most popular ghost story,  21 Jun 2017 Reel Nightmare Films has announced the DVD release of their supernatural feature film Bayou Ghost Story, now available for purchase on  Experience the haunted tales and ghost stories at Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center, a luxury historic hotel in Louisiana. With his dog Badger, they come across a beautiful old mansion that was converted into apartments. May 15, 2018 · Horror story spawns modern Louisiana urban legend 'The Devil's Toy Box' started as fiction and has become an entity of its own. It’s also been the backdrop for occult-themed films and television shows, from True Blood and Interview with a Vampire to American Horror Story Coven. One version says that a girl shot her boyfriend, then decided to take her “The story goes someone was hung at the tree at the church. A silent witness to over 200 years of history in the deepest part of the Deep South, Myrtles is considered one of the most haunted places in America. Gerald Bettis, the only son of the Bettis family of 65 Here is a repository for ghost towns, almost ghost towns, stories of lost treasures, lost mines, and buried treasure, and other treasure information. I would guess the most haunted house and the most evil doings went on in the Lalaurie Mansion in the French Quarter. m. No really. Francisville, Louisiana, a ghost named Chloe apparently haunts the Myrtles  New Orleans Louisiana haunted houses and ghosts including Madam a horrid face with blood-red eyes) of an aging Storyville Madam who was shunned by a  15 Nov 2017 With so much history and a vivid melting pot of culture, it's not a surprise that there is no shortage of interesting ghost stories in Louisiana. mp3 With over 20 years of excellence under our belts, we provide the best haunted tours in New Orleans. Apr 01, 2018 · One such place is the Myrtles Plantation in St. Louisiana is a  23 Oct 2011 In an unnamed house in an unnamed town in a state named after King Louis XIV, I met a ghost. Sep 30, 2019 · La Llorona is a sort of banshee, the ghost of a woman who drowned her two children in a river in hopes of getting a wealthy man to marry her (as the story goes, he didn't want children). It is just too much for one person. Louisiana Ghost Towns Louisiana ghost towns exist as either abandoned buildings, or simply a hole in the ground. Renée Harvison . The house is reputedly built over an Indian burial ground, and the ghost of a young Native American In the mid- 1850s, the one-and-a-half-story house was extended south, almost doubling its size, and  "No, it's not haunted," the housekeeper reassured me. This digital image that was taken at The Myrtles Plantation and was sent to Dave Young of Paladin Paranormal for his opinion. As soon as her parents were gone, however, her boyfriend showed up, glad for the time The General’s Store is the perfect place to shop for locally made gifts and souvenirs. Handprints in the mirrors, footsteps on the stairs, mysterious smells, vanishing objects, death by poison, hangings, murder and gunfire -- the Myrtles Plantation in the West Feliciana town of St. Oct 31, 2016 · The story: A ghost named Handsome Paul reportedly walks the halls of the theater, according to the Clatsop County Historical Society. No Distractions. We have collected the most infamous ghost stories of Lake Charles and put  4 Oct 2019 One of the most haunted houses in Lafayette, T-Frere's story of a Marx wrote about the ghosts in his memoir, “Variety with a Louisiana Flavor. After a long day of unlucky hunting, I found myself stuck in the middle of the marshlands for the night, without a flashlight or a lantern to guide my stumbling steps. Aug 15, 2017 · From New Orleans to Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and more! We're looking at the most haunted places in Louisiana! And you can rest assur Sep 30, 2015 · Tales of the paranormal around Louisiana. Lee Wimberly: Kindle Store. A bizarre report of the ghost of solider at an antebellum home brings the team to Franklin, Louisiana. The storm was so strong he could hardly see a few feet ahead Dec 28, 2004 · ghost car would go off the road and in the bayou and he would surely drown! But just before the curve a shadowy figure appeared at the driver's window and a hand reached in and turned the steering wheel, guiding the car safely around the bend. In the late 1800s, wealthy land owner Don Antonio Feliz died Oct 31, 2007 · Does anyone know a ghost story about an anchor whose last name was "Flowers" who was murdered in Shreveport? I heard the story on the radio today and after "Flowers" was murdered on AIR his ghost came 4 hours later and gave a news broadcast. > This happened about 6 months ago on Louisiana Hwy 57, just outside of Dulac, a little town in the bayou country of Louisiana, and while it sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock tale, it’s real. Bienvenu, at Turner Classic Movies Looking for Ghost Towns in Louisiana. People say she has a comforting presence. Louisiana is thought to be one of the most haunted states in the nation, with New Orleans one of the most haunted cities. Haunted Cities of the Dead – New Orleans. Francisville, Louisiana, is a reminder of the old American South. Text and Louisiana ghost story about the well documented hauntings at Myrtles Plantation. One such swamp oozes across a portion of Louisiana, and has long been the origin of stories of shadowy ghosts, Voodoo magic, and snarling beasts of the night. Here are a view of the tales told over the years. Apr 18, 2017 · Directed by Armand Petri. Ghosts of Louisiana Paranormal Society is a paranormal investigation group operating in the southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi region. It was a lot of fun, though at times disturbing, researching the Louisiana edition of this series, I hope that you enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it. Join a small group of no more than eight people for an intimate evening tour through the French Quarter, where rollicking nightlife conceals a past filled with dark deeds, natural disasters, and supernatural sightings. This in-depth, two hour walking tour is devoted to to exploring the significant locations in the historic French Quarter which were featured in the popular cult TV series, American Horror Story - Coven. LaLaurie Mansion New Orleans Hauntings. Dec 28, 2018 · Still, she was always telling me that the ghost was in her playhouse in the basement, or that the ghost was on the stairs, or that the ghost was standing in the corner. Here, we celebrate death in life with a “Second Line,” and befriend the many spirits who have not crossed over yet, living amongst us. Louisiana; however, the The Forbing railroad tracks in Forbing Louisiana is said to have two hauntings. She never seemed to be afraid of the ghost, and considered him to be her friend, so I wasn’t all that concerned even if there really was a ghost haunting our house. The Alice Flagg story began in 1849 when she lived with her brother, Dr. As such, she usually haunts river banks, and the Gila and San Pedro Rivers are two of her favorite spots in Arizona. Oct 01, 2017 · Where it came from: This is actually the rare urban legend where the story behind the story ends up being even creepier than the folklore. ive lived just north of new orleans most of my life and some of the best stories for me tend to come from the beliefs of my african american friends such as, red brick dust across doorways keep out Louisiana ghost stories are unlike any others, in part because so many of them are based on true stories. You may recognize this terra cotta and marble structure from Runaway Jury - for those who live in New Orleans, they recognize the Louisiana Supreme Court Building as one of the most haunted locations in the city. Myrtles Plantation. However, I cannot promise that this information is completely accurate. Collected and  Real Ghost Stories from Louisiana, United States - Page 1 - Your source for real ghost stories. In an unnamed house in an unnamed town in a state named after King Louis XIV, I met a ghost. Have you ever seen a ghost in Louisiana? Apparently, a lot of people have. Head to the Alexandria National Cemetery to see the resting place of thousands of civil war soldiers. St. In what was once and old town. " She paused. Top Louisiana Ghost & Vampire Tours: See reviews and photos of ghost & vampire tours in Louisiana, United States on Tripadvisor. Tickfaw, Louisiana - Many odd stories have been told about the old Lallie Kemp hospital on Highway 51 between Tickfaw and  The Highway Time Travellers – Abbeville, Louisiana · The Myrtles Plantation, St. An Arrest. Her next book in the series, Give Up the Ghost, comes out Oct. Your experienced and knowledgeable tour guide will explain the historical overlaps between the characters depicted in the show and true stories of their real life namesakes. Myrtles Plantation has a rich history but it’s haunted reputation seems to be focused mostly on events during the years surrounding and including the Civil War The story goes she drowned in the big barrell used to catch the rainwater that is still in place today. These are the most recent ghost sightings in Louisiana Fort Polk, Louisiana - I was a janitor, and we used to clean a building that was the old South Fort emergency room that is now being used for a child development center on Utah Avenue. At 1140 Royal Street stands what  1 Nov 2018 Join us on All Saints Day / Dia de los Muertos as we hear about hauntings of Louisiana. My Louisiana Ghost Story: Alone, Overnight, in a Haunted House. 1 For several years the book was out of print and available only at considerable expense from antiquarian book dealers. https://www. For Alice Flagg is the most popular ghost on South Carolina's famed Grand Strand. Andrew Evans. There may be one or more of these cellar holes in the area. Travel Tips. Though some would say the slaves at Magnolia were treated humanely, lingering artifacts tell a different story. And in St. It is based on a play, about a sceptic professor looking into three supernatural-related cases. Touted as "One of America's Most Haunted Homes", the plantation is supposedly home to at least 12 ghosts. Francisville, Louisiana · The Haunting of the Calcasieu Parish Courthouse  6 Jan 2016 One such swamp oozes across a portion of Louisiana, and has long been the origin of stories of shadowy ghosts, Voodoo magic, and snarling  The most haunted cemetery in Louisiana is called “The St. The night passed slowly and no cars went by. By Andrew Evans. My Ghost Story is an American television series on the paranormal, which premiered on July 17 St. And after the family found the bag with these images, they had it etched on the back of his tombstone. "I've never seen anything. 26 Feb 2014 On a two-lane highway in southern Louisiana, during a nonstop drive from Miami, Florida, to Waco, Texas, I saw something like 50 ghosts. Not as thrilling as vampires or abandoned caskets for the undead, but there you have it. Then, just as silently, the hand disappeared through the window and the hitchhiker was alone again! (Optional) Set the scene to share a ghost story with students by turning off the lights, lighting a candle, and so forth. Haunted Louisiana Ghost Stories and Paranormal Activity from the State book. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana, United States. Click name for the ghost story. The tome Paranormal Uncensored: A Raw Look at Louisiana Ghost Hunting immerses us into the world of paranormal investigation, a glimpse at some of the people in it, and the problems that arise. New Orleans often is considered the nation's most haunted city. It’s 1984 and all Bud Fisher wants to do is find a place to live in Madison Louisiana. By C. We found Mr Duplechien’s writing style very enjoyable. At 1140 Royal Street stands what has become of the legendary LaLaurie Mansion, where many of New Orleans' most phantasmic poltergeists reside. Ghost sightings in Louisiana. It would take years to sort through the mountain of incredibly rich Cajun and Creole folklore out there. Kentucky. “ We went on a ghost tour with Ruddock is a ghost town in St. Some of the best-known hauntings in the country are the unsettled spirits that have roamed the bustling French Quarter of New Orleans since its early days. Who doesn't love a good ghost story? Well, in Louisiana, there's a whole lot of them! From hospitals and asylums, to cemeteries, schools, theaters, restaurants, parks, bridges, and even roads, there's an endless amount of places throughout the state that are said to have some ghostly spirits lingering. The Pointe-au-Chien bayou floats atop a sinking marsh at the farthest end of Interior Lafourche-Timbalier Bay, some 40 kilometers north of the Gulf of Mexico. Louisiana is known as a state where people disappear, mysteries remain unsolved, and the unexplainable happens regularly. Recent information has come in to suggest that Michael actually drew the scene of his death on a brown paper bag before he died. An introduction to the La Llorona ghost story and examples of it from across the country including in California, Lousiana, Indiana, Texas and New Mexico. Louisiana is no stranger to the paranormal, there are dozens of places around the state that has experienced things that simply cannot be explained. Apparent evidence of the spirits of dead employees at haunted Long Leaf Sawmill in Louisiana are captured on this week's episode of Ghost Brothers on TLC. There’s something about the chilly October air that makes the Halloween season a perfect time to share scary ghost stories. Now, some folks'll  25 Feb 2013 This happened on a Louisiana Hwy 57, just outside of Dulac, a little town in the bayou country of Louisiana, and while it sounds like an Alfred  Ghost sightings in Louisiana. A. New Orleans ghost stories: 5 horrifying haunted landmarks to explore One of "America's Most Haunted Homes" is on the list. It’s said that This story is actually true, I'm not sure about names and dates though. We specialize in video evidence, photographic evidence, and EVP evidence and in cleansing areas of unwanted spirits. Mar 12, 2016 · Press Release (ePRNews. Oct 27, 2014 · Last season's American Horror Story: Coven, delved into the dark history of Marie Laveau and her power and influence over the New Orleans Creole community. Find ghost hunters and paranormal investigators from Louisiana. Pleasant Hall at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Maybe a trip to the Myrtles or a ghost in your house? We would love it hear about it! The story that went the rounds in Bogalusa was that Carson had already been in several shooting scrapes. She writes the Viola Valentine paranormal mystery series under the pen name of Cherie Claire. "Oh, there are stories, but 7 Creepy Louisiana Ghost Stories That Will Make You Sleep With The Lights On. Louis Cemetery # 1”. It is said that he was walking this tracks one night, looking for debris and checking for any damage to the tracks when he was ran over by a train. This is the true story about my visit to The Myrtles. I recently sold the house. Harper's novel, "Louisiana Ghost Story. There are two versions of this story revolving around a resident that took her own life in the infamous Room 312. Though I’m sure Doug Jones as the titular ghoul is brilliant and creepy as usual, I don’t have faith that this movie does any justice to the real Wisconsin ghost story it is based on. Storytelling Traditions in Louisiana. You will enjoy exploring Louisiana state history as the locals take such pride and enthusiasm in showing off their traditions, explaining their interesting culture and spinning some excellent ghost stories! It is the treatment of the slaves who cleared the land, built the main house and store, and planted and harvested the fields that has left this historic mansion riddled with ghost stories and paranormal activity. And within that third floor . But in Louisiana to this day, you can buy a beer in a bar and listen to someone who escaped a feu follet just last week. Jan 21, 2020 · This guided tour of New Orleans’ French Quarter sets itself apart from those like it by adding an “American Horror Story: Coven” twist to the history of the area. Visit the swamps, and smell the usual combination of decaying vegetation and sluggish water  15 Oct 2018 In October 2019, THNOC once again resurrect its Halloween-themed tour of the Louisiana History Galleries, Danse Macabre: The Nightmare of  11 Feb 2018 Louisiana is no stranger to the paranormal, there are dozens of Here are some of the creepiest ghost stories in Louisiana that will make you  15 Oct 2015 (KALB) - Whether from south Louisiana or the northern corners of the state, you' ve no doubt heard a Louisiana-themed ghost story a time or two  The Real Story Behind the LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans' Most Haunted Home . The first is of a man who worked for the railroad, we're not sure of any specific time frame, what his name is. Annette and I have been friends for many years. Sep 20, 2019 · From Amityville and a haunted hill to the story of the Jersey Devil, here are a few of our favorite scary ghost stories to share at night. Author Troy Taylor and the staff from American Hauntings have been taking guests behind the walls of haunted locations since 1994 with one simple approach — ghost hunts without all of the clutter. 6. Louisiana . (Fans of American Horror Story may be familiar with the Creole figure, who was played by Kathy Bates in the show's third season. The story of the Phantom of the Opera was initially published in a series of articles in La Galois and then in a book in 1911 entitl The Pantry Ghost Videos In 2007, a father living with his family in California started to film some unusual footage on his video camera. La Mala Hora Blue Dog: In the Beginning, 1984-1989 In 1980 a Baton Rouge investment group approached George Rodrigue for help in creating a lasting Louisiana memento, a book of Louisiana ghost stories to be sold at the 1984 World’s Fair in New Orleans. andrebroussard. The Spookiest Ghost Story from Each State. Jun 21, 2014 · The story of Igbo Landing (also spelt Ebo or Ibo) is a powerful one. Stories say the slaves used to curse their masters with voodoo because they were so badly  20 Oct 2016 Deep in the bayou, late at night, if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, you might see a light moving just over there. #ghost #ghosts #haunted #house #louisiana #mansion #oliver #phipps #stories #story #true Legends and ghost stories. Join a team of paranormal investigators as they try to solve a series of disturbing Louisiana Ghost Stories is a collection of original tales based on fact mixed with myth. gov/Home/Components/News/News/426/30?arch=1&npage=22 Bayou-Ghost-Story-2017-movie-Armand-Petri-2 the South to research a series of deaths connected to a supernatural curse haunting an old Louisiana family. haunted NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, ghost tours,ghost house,cemetery,paranormal,news,building,stories,photos,Hauntings,Paranormal Investigation,urban legends,ghost Louisiana lost treasure sites are listed on this page. Make no mistake; if it doesn’t say Haunted History Tours, then it isn’t the original! Aug 31, 2006 · This happened about a month ago just outside of Cocodrie, a little town in the bayou country of Louisiana, and while it sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock tale, it''s real. 2018 Louisiana Attraction of the Year Award Winner . Spirits haunt many of the places of the Old West. Louisiana is a place of legend, especially in the deep, dark bayou. Alexandria, Louisiana 88. Get a taste of 18th-century New Orleans while exploring its most notorious haunts aboard a mule-drawn carriage. NEW ORLEANS, LA April 16th – Together Magic Films has announced the April 18th release of their new supernatural feature film Bayou Ghost Story across digital platforms. Places some guests NEVER want to leave. Sep 30, 2015 · Tales of the paranormal around Louisiana. Paranormal YAs set in Louisiana This list is for young adult (or middle grade) books that are set in Louisiana and have a paranormal theme. LeHunt. (We likely won't be booking our stay there anytime soon!) And in St. A Louisiana Ghost Story (2012) Quotes on IMDb: Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, TV series and more Houmas House is a beautiful plantation located near New Orleans in Darrow, Louisiana. louisiana ghost story